GRASP is a very new organization that I am very closely involved with and in which I firmly believe in. It was founded, and is run by former Compulsive Gamblers who have a burning desire to prevent other people from suffering from this hidden addiction. They offer help and advice to problem and compulsive gamblers but their primary focus is on prevention rather than cure.

GRASP does NOT in any way aim to ban gambling and in no way wants to infringe on anyone’s’ right to gamble.

The Gambling Reform & Society Perception Group (GRASP) was set up in October 2010 to cover five key points.

1. Educate society on the dangers of problem gambling, which can be done through the gaming industry itself. The public must be made aware of the potential consequences of gambling, the dangers of problem gaming and the true scale of the people affected with this addiction. GRASP would like to see the government change its stance, similar to how it did with the tobacco industry.

2. Impose safety nets to protect young and vulnerable gamblers albeit online or in person, which again can be done via the gaming industry with co-operation from the banking sector.

3. Stricter advertising laws on gambling products and initiate public awareness campaigns on the dangers of gambling in the same way that the tobacco industry is controlled and regulated in its advertising and marketing.

4. Education for schools, universities, health authorities and employers etc on the harmful effects of problem gaming.

5. A self-exclusion policy to cover every licensed gambling establishment in Great Britain that actual works and is INDEPENTANTLY and effectively audited on a regular basis.

By being an active member of GRASP you are helping others which in turn helps you. You learn to like yourself again because of your humility. You become involved in doing good rather than just mindlessly wasting time and money gambling. You begin to believe in yourself again and that takes you further away from the gambling. You change your entire focus from thinking about gambling to thinking about how to help others stop gambling.

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