This page gives you a brief insight into my new book ‘Overcoming Gambling’ which is published by Sheldon Press and available through them or Amazon (go to Links Page) or from most good bookshops.

Overcoming Gambling was the culmination of 4 years of my recovery and is designed for all those with a gambling problem or a gambling addiction. As I lived in one country and worked in another (neither in the UK) I had no access to Gamblers Anonymous or counseling so my wife and I had to come up with our own therapy and recovery. This we did via long phone calls and even longer emails. As the days of non gambling grew into months and the months grew into years, I started to realize, particularly when I compared myself to other stories and diaries I’d read on the help forums, that perhaps I was doing things differently and having more success than others. If that was the case, then I needed to pass my success on so that they too may be able to stop gambling completely and regain their life, before it was too late.

I have split Overcoming Gambling into 2 distinct sections; Stopping and Staying Stopped. I did this because those suffering from a gambling addiction or gambling problem need one method for stopping gambling and other methods to remain stopped i.e. not returning to gambling. I knew from my experience during gambling that it was relatively easy to stop, particularly right after a big loss or string of bad losses, for a day or two or even a week, but as sure as the sun rose in the morning, I was back to the tables or onto the internet casino again soon enough.

I’m not going to tell you every secret in the book, otherwise you won’t buy it but the key part in Section 1 Stopping is showing you how to Create Your Rock Bottom. I’ve read so many times on the forums that people have ‘hit rock bottom’ after a big loss. We’ll show you in Overcoming Gambling that it is very likely that this isn’t the rock bottom and you are likely to have a lot more which are a lot worse than what you thought was the rock bottom.

Section 2 shows you successful techniques for overcoming the urges that you’ll inevitably have to go back to gambling. It provides support for those affected by your gambling and how they will feel. It will show you how to move forward and away from your gambling by creating ‘signposts’ as opposed to continually looking back on your gambling by writing a daily diary. Our philosophy is NOT just to live one day at a time but to get on with your life as you have so much wasted time to catch up on. We’ll teach you the value of humility and helping others which in turn makes you like yourself more and removes the self destructive element that is so prevalent in my compulsive gamblers. We also show you how to get angry with the gambling industry that took so much of not just your money but your life from you, which again puts further distance between you and your past gambling. We’ll also show you how physically cruel gambling is in regard to racehorses and greyhounds. Finally we’ll give you an idea of how Cheap Jerseys life can be after coming out of a gambling addiction. Not all pavements paved with gold or raining fifty pound notes but a million times better than your past life, for sure.

We believe that Overcoming Gambling is an easy read. It treats you as an adult rather than a child as I’ve seen in some books. It has a single aim and conviction and that is that you can totally overcome your gambling addiction as I did, and does not show you how to control your gambling if you can’t give up totally. It isn’t cluttered with complicated scientific or physiological theories about what is going on in your mind or body whilst gambling, although we touch on it briefly in regard to dopamine.

We sincerely hope you take the opportunity to read OVERCOMING GAMBLING.