5 out of 5 stars – Light at the end of the dark tunnel , 29th March 2018, by Linda – Verified Purchase (Kindle Version)

As a worried and anxious parent of a CG I have read and read on the subject .Doom and gloom all the way. Yesterday I found this book and for the first time in a long time I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. Its given me a much clearer picture of what I can do to help and support my loved one. Great book and full of good sound advice.

5 out of 5 stars – Everyone effected by gambling needs this book! , 5 November 2017, by Cuthbertdirect – Verified Purchase

I’ve brought 4 copies of this book so far and both my husband and I (he is the gambler) think it’s a breath of fresh air! Makes total sense! We’ve given copies to families members to help them understand what we are going through. The task in it are hard to face up to but my husbands words were “this book was written for me”. It’s only early days in his recovery but this book has put us on a track that no councelling GA or other help has done in 20 years! Feeling very hopeful for the future! If you gamble and want to get your life back or are effected by someone who does gamble I cannot recommend this book strongly enough! May just have saved his life our marriage and my life! Thank you Philip Mawer!

5 out of 5 stars –  6 August 2017, By Amazon customer – Verified Purchase (Kindle Version)

I can’t thank the author enough. I’m a highly educated professional who has been addicted for thirty years. You know what, never again”

5 out of 5 stars – Lots of good tips and insights into how to help a problem …,   3 December 2016, By Ann Hon – Verified Purchase

Lots of good tips and insights into how to help a problem gambler. Useful in my work as a counsellor.

5 out of 5 stars – A brilliant read and an amazing tool for kicking yourself out …,   3 August 2016, By Tim – Verified Purchase

A brilliant read and an amazing tool for kicking yourself out of the gambling abyss. Was successful in helping me quit gambling. Strongly recommend. Whilst it isn’t a secret remedy or one-step-fix, it will help you stop.

5.0 out of 5 stars – Don’t scroll past this. Seriously it works, 22 March 2016, by Andy – Verified Purchase

I bought this book as a problem gambler and to my amazement I have lost the desire to gamble. I’m not saying I will never gamble again but I am saying I have taken a huge step towards it. I believe this is what I needed to sort my life out. If your wondering whether or not to buy this book then don’t. BUY IT. Then see the magic happen each day after you finished reading.

5.0 out of 5 stars – Life changing book by an inspirational author!, 23 February 2016, by Marc T – Verified Purchase

This book was a godsend for me. It has totally changed my life. I had tried to read a book about quitting gambling before which I could not identify with, and I was therefore initially sceptical about this book, having struggled with gambling problems since childhood until now, aged 38.
My sister actually purchased it for me as my life spiralled out of control and I almost lost everything I had spent my whole life building – a career, a home and a family. The way the book is written is a masterpiece in getting inside a gambler’s mindset and understanding our actions. Only then, when we understand it, can we process it and do something about it. The book is totally different to the standard 12-step approach to recovery. It uses different concepts, conceived by an author who has been there and got the T-shirt, having lived and breathed gambling addiction himself, and come out the other side to live an enriched, fulfilling, happy and gamble-free life.
I particularly identified with the “twilight zone” concept, which completely made sense to me and helped me understand things in a way I had never considered. The book helps pull you out of there and keep you out of there, if you are prepared to take on board the techniques suggested by the author Philip Mawer.  
The book is revolutionary in its field and I think the other reviews are testament to that. It really works. The author is inspirational and personable. It is written from the heart and based on real life experience rather than standard theory, and that shines through from the first page to the last… It is honest, yet positive. It is also intended to help the long suffering partner or family members as the author understands the impact that gambling has on others, not just the gambler. It is totally unique in that respect.
If you have a problem with gambling or know someone who has, don’t hesitate to buy this book. It is the best, quite simply. Read it with your mind open and you will change your life for the better and not look back. I contacted Philip via his website for support and he has been there for me every step of my journey so far. Incredible!

5.0 out of 5 stars – The book that saved my life!, 17 February 2016, by Mr R Doranon – Verified Purchase

The first thing I ever read which I felt I could truly relate to. I always tried and failed to stop gambling until I read this book, GA and other methods I felt were old fashioned and not appropriate for modern day and never helped me. This give me the insight and guidance i was looking for helping me quit and put gambling behind me. I now read this once every few months to help and keep me on top of my addiction.

5.0 out of 5 stars – Excellent book, 19 April 2015, by Nick – Verified Purchase

This review is from: Overcoming Problem Gambling: Advice for the gambler and the gambler’s family and friends (Overcoming Common Problems) (Kindle Edition)

Phillip offers a different approach to the widely known 12 step addiction recovery programme, which he calls ‘gamblers aloud’.

A fantastic resource for anyone who has a gambling problem and is looking to abstain for good!

5.0 out of 5 stars – A life saver…, 9 Feb. 2015, by Paul Buck – Verified Purchase

This review is from: Overcoming Problem Gambling: A Guide for Problem and Compulsive Gamblers (Overcoming Common Problems) (Paperback)

If you truly want to give up gambling then buying this book will be the best money that you ever spend.

I suffered a £5m pathological gambling disorder over a decade with some devastating consequences. When I hit rock bottom I was in a truly desperate place. This book helped me understand my gambling addiction, it helped my family come to terms with my gambling addiction and it put me on the right road to recovery.

Overcoming gambling will be the hardest thing that a compulsive gambler will do. This book will make that journey that little bit more structured and bearable.

I have written this review after breakfast with my wife and dropping my three young children off at school … gambling very nearly took all that away from me. Phil understands gambling, he has lived it. he knows what you are going through and he knows how to make a difference.

What have you got to lose……?

4.0 out of 5 stars – PILGRIM&STRANGER – 01 Jan 2015

This review is from: Overcoming Problem Gambling – A guide for problem and compulsive gamblers (Overcoming Common Problems) (Paperback)
This book deals with gambling addiction and how to overcome it. Philip Mawer shows the futility of gambling and how it obviously drains one’s finances , but how it also wastes so much time, and destroys closeness with friends and families, and how it even destroys one’s physical and mental health. He uses a unique approach in getting compulsive gamblers to turn away from their addiction. One thing he suggests is to get away from the “twilight zone” that gambling puts you in, and get away from it for a bit, and realize how you’re destroying every facet of your life. He also shows that we need to divert our attention from the selfishness of gambling. Gambling is one of the most selfish pursuits, full of lying and deceit. Mawer says that we need to develop a lifestyle of humility and compassion. Lastly, and I think most importantly , is to develop an anger at the gambling industry and how it has destroyed and conned so many, by promising fool’s gold. He says we should use anger to never give the gambling industry another cent. This book offers a distinct perspective, and the author , as a former gambling addict, shows great concern for the reader. Recommended.

4.0 out of 5 stars Give it a try! – Melson – 29 Nov 2014

This review is from: Overcoming Problem Gambling: A Guide for Problem and Compulsive Gamblers (Overcoming Common Problems) (Paperback)

I purchased this book for a friend who read less than halfway before dismissing as utter nonsense. He continued gambling for a further year and the following year decided to re-read this book in full with additional support from his partner and counsellor in 2013. He is now embarking on a long and painful journey of recovery after nearly 10 years of compulsive gambling and is finding this book a help.

Obviously it is his solid determination to battle his demons that led to his realisation that compulsive gambling was negatively affecting him. However, this book has helped his partner enormously and the couple have both gained further insight from reading this book.

This is not a book for those that find the Gamblers Anonymous 12 step programme helpful. This is a different approach and was particuarly helpful to my friends who are Atheist and disagree with the ‘higher power’ and spiritual insight that is a core elememt of Gamblers Anonymous.

There is nothing wrong with Gamblers Anonymous so please do not take offense but this book will not suit people that are not open to alternative methods of overcoming problem or compulsive gambling.

Personal email via Gamblersaloud website (name withheld) – 23rd Oct 2014

Was at the library today and asked about gambling therapy books as I couldn’t find any. One of the librarians and myself managed to find 2, one of which was yours. I have read the first 30 pages and to be honest find it hard to put down it makes so much sense . After probably 40 years of gambling and trying to stop the book is answering all my questions and thoughts about why I have done this for 40 years. Simple answers like if I don’t bet I’ve won, I’m the winner and now I know it’s the most destructive industry in the world . Thank you so far.

Five Stars on Amazon – A real eye opener. Brilliant – 24 Sep 2014

By Carl Blair Amazon Verified Purchase

I was a compulsive gambler and had quit gambling several times. I think this book gave me the reality check I needed. I didn’t enjoy gambling and see it in a very different light now. It’s not fun. It’s not exciting. It’s not life changing. It’s the absolute opposite of all these things. Thank you

4.0 out of 5 stars – this. is. the. best. ebook. I. have. read. on. quitting. gambling – Kerry F. – 23 Jul 2014 – Verified Purchase

Thank you. So. Much. For. Taking. The. Time. To. Write. This. Book. It. Is. The. Best. Book. I. Have. Read. And. Helped. Me. So. Much. Raised. My. Awareness. To. What. Has. Been. Happening. With. My. Gambling. And. How. To. Overcome. It. And. Regain. A. Normal. Life. Cheers,Kerry brisbane. Australia.

5.0 out of 5 stars – wake up call for all of us! – Sammye G. Myers  – 10 Mar 2014 – Verified Purchase

We did not want to think it could happen in OUR family but it did. This book is very helpful for the gambler and the family. Now we are all on the same page and working hard.

29th Jan 2014 – Micky 68 Gamcare

I keep the Philip Mawer book Overcoming gambling problems with me all the time. It has proved an enormous help during my recovery and I would endorse and recommend it to any problem gambler and their partners/family. Good Luck –  Micky

20th Jan 2014 – At85

I’d give the Mawer book a go though, if you’re seeking ways of overcoming problem gambling, as it’s called ‘overcoming problem gambling’.

19th Jan 2014 – At85

I can’t say I’ve read any of the self-help books on problem gambling, but the one I hear most of is by a guy named Philip Mawer.

18th Jan 2014 – Andy Amazon 5star rate

Get paid, gamble a bit. Lose a bit. Chase it back. Lose everything.If you have ever done that, or know someone that does it week in, week out, month in, month out; this book will not only save you a fortune, it will save you years of your life which otherwise will be wasted.No drama, just how it is when you have an invisible addiction. A Must Read.

28th Nov 2013 – 5.0 out of 5 stars Forget GA, read this!

By Ms. S. E. Ellis –Amazon Verified Purchase

Best book that I’ve read so far on the subect. None of that Americanised bull*hit! Highly recommended if you want to give up gambling.

8th Nov 2013 – Nic – Gamblersaloud address

Have just completed the book for the first time, in rock bottom phase have had good support from family so far and my 2nd day without gambling although have no access to money. I felt suicidal earlier in the week but your book has helped soothe this emotion and given me the start and inspiration to beat this monster i have lived with for the past 20 years thank you god bless Nic

5.0 out of 5 stars – excellent book strongly recommend it – milad in love – 4th Oct 2013 – Verified Purchase

Great book, basicly is a best book for enyone that want to overcome gambeling , i was gambeling on & off for 3 years & some times i was peying for lotto 649 or lotto max, when i calculate i saw that i payed about 1500$ for lottomax & 649 over the 3 years & i lost about 5000$ in casino & online sportbetting, it means all together (6500$)
And i say : ok i lost 6500$ .

I dont do any kind of gambeling not even for 1$ & not even for free, this book help you undrestand from the root what is the main reason you feel like you want to gamble , i strongly recommend this book excellent book. You never can not find a book or academy better than this book, make sure you buy a paper book not a kindle edition or ebook
i find it easier i allways buy my books in a paper book then i can highlight and have look at them eny time that i want.

27th Sept 2013 –  MickyK68 – Gamcare Post – Best Books thread

Hello Glyn,

I always carry Philip Mawer’s Overcoming Gambling book with me, I found it a great help. Tomorrow I celebrate 3 months (92 days gambling free) I know that I wouldn’t have made this progress without the help of this book. It just made so much sense to me and I truly believe that my problem gambling days are behind me.

Good Luck


11th Sept 2013 – VP via gamblersaloud email –

Thanks Phil.

You have already been a big help to me….. I read your book on Mondayand I will be recommending it to anyone I come across that finds themselves in a similar situation to  me.

I am contemplating getting a tattoo on my forearm with the saying “You win, they lose” J

9th Sept 2013 – Robert – Amazon Verified Purchase – Amazon

Bought it – read it then gave to a gambling friend – going to buy another copy – it’s that good!

I had decided for the umpteenth time to quit gambling, but thought this time I would wait for Overcoming Gambling to arrive. The book has clearly been written by a former compulsive gambler as so much of what the author says rings true. I have been a compulsive gambler for a great many years and with the help of this excellent book I am now losing my desire to gamble and have not had a bet for four weeks – not long admittedly but I believe I am starting to overcome my gambling addiction – I hope so as I am realising the futility of comtinuing to gamble. The book is not a magic cure but Phillip Mawer offers strategies which I believe work, and provides an incredible insight into gambling which makes gamblers such as myself realise what a waste – not only in terms of money – gambling is. Highly recommended

01st Sept 2013 – Personal email  – Certain details whitheld.

I’m touching base after reading your excellent book and working with Sheldon on a bespoke depression and anxiety book for our members.

We have a number of problematic gamblers amongst our 4,000 strong membership and we’re about to launch an online tutorial which will feature one of them in particular.

‘Our man’, whom I can’t name at the moment….read your book and said that after a 20 year history and a series of attempts to rid himself of problems, that it’s the most practical advice he’s seen.

16th Aug 2013 – Robert – Gamblersaloud email

“Your book arrived on Monday and I read it from cover to cover the same day. So much of what you write rings true – particularly the wasted time. I have had periods when I have tried to give up but always returned. This time my aim is to stop and I believe your book will help me considerably to do this. Once again, many thanks for contacting me and congratulations on an excellent, inspiring book.

Kind Regards,


14th Aug 2013 – MickyK68 Gamcare Forum

I read this book yesterday, it made me quite emotional at times and it’s story/message is quite indicative of my own. A balanced and intuitive book it will remain a constant inspiration through my recovery.

Thank you Phil

and nevertheless your book reinforced my decision to change my life…. there were a few tears when I read it…. realisation, an understanding that I wasn’t alone, but above all HOPE. Your book goes everywhere with me, that and my chip of change, a constant reminder of my past … we may never have met (although I was shocked and pleased to see you on my television recently). Phil I cannot emphasise how much you have influenced me, I have initiated the change that you encouraged. I am now living and it’s largely down to you.

Thanks always


5.0 out of 5 stars – Still reading and “using” this book……………… – dekens – 28th Jul 2013 – Verified Purchase

…………and so far I like it! This guy is pretty good. I’ve read others that waste my time (and would yours). I’m comfortable in telling you to give this book a chance. =)

21st May 2013 – Stuar – Gamblersaloud mail

Hi Phil
Thank you for the message – very much appreciated.

I’m finding the book extremely helpful thank you. I have been giving up for about 3 years to a level of about 80 – 90%, but haven’t been able to shake it off fully. Your ideas, explained from you own experience, have put things into a context that I can fully understand. I am trying to break the habit of rushing into things and panicking, which has probably been the real reason behind me nerver being able to fully give up. I have been in a negative income position for some time, and bury my head in the sand, inevitably going for a quick fix that is all too destructive.

I’m about half way through the book, and have reread the first  half a few times before moving on. I very much like the Ladder of Life illustration. I am quite a way down, but for the first time I can ever recall, I am concerened about my financial future, making a plan and tackling the debt, in some respects howeverer painful, a real desire to get to a new start  – this will be a bankruptcy as most of it I had before I even started gambling 7 or so years ago, but it has just continued to get worse. It is this I have been running from and seeking an escape and living in the twilight zone for some time.

The thing that has helped me so far is understanding the competitive element, and how I always try and get one over on the casino, bookmaker etc. This is something I have always had when I think about it, in all sorts of ways, and I can look at all sorts of behaviour that I need to correct. Most of all, is the saying goodbye to gambling and even more so, the concept of OK I lost. The latter is the most important for me, and reading it was a defining moment. A deep-seated resentment against the bookmakers has probably kept me going back to try and get one last win over them, but now I see that not gambling as the way to do that and that is how it will stay. Giving up gambling is parallel with me sorting out my finances. My refusal to give in has kept me gambling – so, I can finally stand back and accept that I have lost in all sorts of ways and move on.

Thank you again for writing the book – it is extremely helpful and has given me exactly what I hoped it would. The words of someone who has overcome their problems mean a great deal, and gives hope and reassurance. It has given me positive thoughts for the first time in a long while. At the age of 44 I was thinking that I had blown everything and I was destined to remain a failure, but now I can see that it up to me to start again. I’ll let you know when I had made it through the whole book.

Best wishes


From FrankieG on the “Gamblersaloud” address

Hi Phil,
I have just completed your fantastic book, what a great read ! I think its the first time I have read such an insighful and accurate description of the madness that is compulsive gambling. I can say I related to (and have personally been through) 99% of the horrific ‘gambling coma’ that is so well portrayed in the book.

I think your system, ‘GamblersAloud’ is both innovative and realistic, it is easy to understand and follow. One chapter stood out for me personally, ‘The Importance of humilty and compassion’. You touched on a couple of topics which I also think are key components to recovery, the gamblers new relationship with money and helping others or giving time to others to help the healing process

8th Mar 2013 –  Update from Richard (previous email sent on 3rd August 2012)

Hi Phil,

Hope your well?

Just thought I’d drop you a line to update you on my progress and say keep up the great work at GRASP. Still gamble free – now just over 8 months since my last gamble and I’m feeling very positive about myself and the future. Whilst its still going to take me another 18 months to pay my debts I’m now seeing them reduce each month instead of taking one step forward and two steps backward as I was previously when gambling.

3rd Aug 2012 – Richard, Gamblersaloud website

Dear Phil,

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your email and actually writing the book.

I actually stumbled across your site and the book by chance really when ‘googling’ gambling sites one evening having had a week of heavy gambling losses. I decided to buy the book and as previously advised upon reading the first few pages related to it so much and shed a lot of tears. That was nearly 5 weeks ago and I have since finished the book and in the process have opened up to my girlfriend, mum, step dad, sister and best friend about my addiction and as part of that process wrote my gambling diary and the 4 signposts.

I know the road is going to long and hard but I am feeling better about myself already and am determined to make a better life for me and my partner who is now expecting our first child. I’ve not had any real urges yet but do often look at my four signposts to remind me of where my old ways took me. One thing I did do was actually prepare myself two business sized cards which live in my wallet. The first is my lost time to gambling sign post and the other my hopeless gambler reminder and I have found these a good thing. It is my intention that if I ever do get a urge when out and about to visit the bookmakers that I will have these to hand and will remind myself instead of reaching for my cash card.



26th July 2012 – John via Gamblersaloud Website

Hi Phil

I bought your book over a month ago and I have to say its fantastic,im so glad i bought it. Although im only 32 ive been compulsive gambling for as long as i can remember and i just couldnt find a way out. Im four weeks into not having a bet and feel strong. I do get urges i wouldnt lie but ive hurt myself so bad when i gamble that i dont want to do it again. I’ve got myself a coin i carry around with me and i take it everywhere,it is a constant reminder of my past and future heads and tails.

Just over a year ago i won over £20,000 betting online on horses and dogs. I was that confident i had cracked it that i was going to quit my job! Good job i never as in one night betting dogs i was £14,000 down then lost the rest two days later.The thing is i thought if i could win that sort of money once i could do it again,but you know Phil it doesnt and ive biten like hell due to it. Im owing £3,000 but its pay day tomorrow and im paying back £500,im living on bread and butter at the mo. £30 a week while it gets paid off.

Its now where you see the damage its done,but im strong and im so happy with myself with the help of your book which i keep reading i will conquer my illness

Thanks again Phil

31th May 2012 – Energised Gamcare Forum

In the book I recently finnished, it suggested carrying a ‘chip’ around with you at all times. This can be any special coin, token or item, ideally something smallish but with meaning to you. It reminds you of your new commitment to not gamble and reminds you of the sensible decisions you make when you’re really thinking clearly and positively.

You could look at this object and maybe fiddle with it while you are talking/reading/thinking about stopping gambling, so it is almost infused with your positive thoughts. I didn’t go this far (in fact I practicly invented that last bit on the spot) but it immediately sounded like a good idea and I knew what I would use.

I had an old New Zealand coin I found and never had a use for. Now its in my wallet at all time next to my debit-card. Every time I look in my wallet for any reason I’m now reminded of my fresh start and good intentions, and of the fact that I’m a problem gambler in the very early stage of one of many attempts to quit forever.

Writing this has just reminded me that one of my biggest problems was that I used to kid myself everything was ok. As soon as I had a hundred pounts in my wallet and hadn’t gambled for a few days (because I had ran out of money) I told myself everything was fine – I had money and I wasn’t a problem gambler!

Sarah M via GamblersAloud Email

We have both found you’re book very helpful, it was great for me as we don’t have any sort of partners support in ……….. that I can access apart from counselling, which is not what I want at the moment.

I had to leave the Gamcare forum. It was too full of misery and I felt it was making me feel pessimistic about our chances of recovery. I think it is important to know some people make it through and stop gambling & manage to rebuild their lives.

I like your book particularly as I can’t get my head round the notion of any sort of higher power. It is a real stumbling block for me with GA. I have really tried to think of it in a way that I can understand and relate to it but i find this part of the 12 step programme utterly meaningless, which feels problematic as it is the fundamental element to following it, I think. I remain angry that gambling took my husband and money from me but happy that he is back.

Thank you for your book, it eloquently expresses what the partner & the gambler go through and need to do together to enable recovery. Thanks for your support.

Best wishes, Sarah

18th June 2012- Bushy on Gamcare Forum

Hi, I came on here for help a few weeks ago when I discovered my husband is a compulsive gambler. Unfortunately, my husband deleted my threads!

While I was here getting help I came across a link to Phil Mawer’s book, Overcoming Gambling. I purchased this book and have been reading it ever since to try and help me understand – from both sides. This has been invaluable to me and in fact it was Phil and his book that led me to look deeper into what was going on. To cut a long story slightly shorter. I have now discovered that my husband first gambled again almost exactly 2 years ago – i.e. when his father died.

Phil’s book and help within has been invaluable. I had no comprehension of addiction of any kind and truly never thought I would be affected by it, I thought my husband was ‘cured’ long before I met him. Given my husbands unwillingness to be open, I had no way of gaining any understanding which is what I desperately needed to get through the days, this book and subsequently Phil himself, gave me the tools I desperately needed to understand and cope, emotionally and practically and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone, spouse or compulsive gambler.


3rd June 2012 – SaraM on GRASP Forum

I purchased Phil Mawer’s book and have been reading it ever since to try and help me understand – from both sides.  This has been invaluable to me and in fact it was Phil and his book that led me to look deeper into what was going on.  To cut a long story slightly shorter.  I have now discovered that my husband first gambled again almost exactly 2 years ago – i.e. when his father died.

I know you already know how much your book has helped along with the time you’ve given me offline.  I had no comprehension of addiction of any kind and truly never thought I would be affected by it, I thought my husband was ‘cured’ long before I met him.  Given my husbands current unwillingness to be open, I had no way of gaining any understanding which is what I desperately needed to get through the days, your book and subsequently you, have given me the tools I desperately needed to understand and cope, emotionally and practically and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone, spouse or compulsive gambler.

I couldn’t have got to this point without you Phil and I thank you for that.

9th March 2012 – Pink1801 on Gamcare Forum

Before starting the book I had heard so many comments on how good and how much it helped people but as always you cant believe every thing you read but I must say it didn’t disappoint me.

As I started off reading, I connected very quickly on why I had to stop gambling. Phils words were so right. I wont lie in some places it was hard for me to read and sometimes I got a little mad but after thinking through and talking it over with my husband I soon realised what Phil had wrote was right and I didn’t even look at it in that way before which hit me really bad and I got quite upset but I knew it was down to me to change the way I had been and treated so many people.

Phil shares with you his steps on how he did it and some I had already done some were new to me so will be putting them into practice. He has the way to show you that yes you have done this but you want to change and you can change the way you live the rest of your life.

Phil talks through each step tells you why its important and what it will do.

My final thought on this book is before I read it I thought I was recovering and starting to get on with my new life but the book showed me things I didn’t even think about and made me look at my recovery in a new light. Yes it was hard going back to all them feelings or hurt and disappointment but I think you need to deal with all this before you can start to move on and I can honestly say that I am starting to move on.

I would like to thank Phil for sending me your book (your act of kindness for the week ) and I would suggest anybody that is thinking of buying the book to do so because I can see me having this book for a very long time I have put it in my ex gambling box with my list and items of things that I get out when I get the urge and it takes me right back to where I was and where I never want to be again

Many thanks for anyone who takes the time to read this and I hoped it has helped a little in knowing that you are not alone

3rd March 2012 – Iamfree Gamcare Forum

Hi, I’ve been where you’ve been. I stopped for 4 months twice and for no reason walked straight back into the bookies. I tried many things but what worked for me the most was reading a book called ‘Overcoming gambling’ by Phil Mawer. Best money i ever spent. It’s from an ex compulsive gambler so he knows what he’s talking about. Try a GA meeting, get blocks on your computer, self-exclude but NEVER stop trying to beat this! You will get there in the end. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again my friend!

23rd Feb 2012 – Kim, Gamcare Forum

Hey Phil just a quick line to say thanks 🙂

I lent your book to someone who came into my place of work, whom in turn passed it onto someone else …… they both got a pin at GA tonight 🙂 Im so so sorry for what this addiction has cost you, but know that out of bad has to come some good .?

Thanks again Phil you HAVE made a difference.:)
Kim xx

14th Feb 2012 – Beauchamp on Gamcare Forum

Hi Deeds, Just finished your book this afternoon, while listening to music. Your own storey should be enough to make any CG give up, however the book is a great tool for the recovery process and I will keep refering to the book for inspiration. Thank you for writing this book and I hope in some small way I can give back to society.

13th Feb 2012 – Gamcare Forum

This isn’t the first time i’ve posted about how great this book is. I would sit in the park during the summer months of 2011 reading and taking notes. I was at rock bottom and was desperate for inspiration and advice. I had tried many avenues but this book made me realise how I could stop. It’s only been 5 months but i feel that gambling is no longer a threat. Since then i can feel day by day my old personality coming back. I no longer feel agitated, fed up and withdrawn, instead i’m starting to live my life at last. So many things have been put off due to gambling. I found myself at the age of 35 with 1 friend, no hobbies, no partner or family and of course no money and debt. It was a very dark place. Since then i’m concentrating on the many areas of my life that are lacking. We are impatient as gamblers but there is no other way than be patient and slowly i can feel my life coming back to me. I’m sure this will resonate with cgs here. i felt that this book was like an angel telling me how i could best this. It is so personal. I know i’m a soppy sod but that’s how I felt. I have the book in my drawer and I will never throw it away.

8th Dec 2011 – Stichb on Gamcare

I read this book just yesterday and I don’t know how or why but it has made me feel less ashamed of my gambling. I immediately got in touch with my niece who lives away and told her I would come over on Tues after Christmas, thus avoiding Welsh National day, and cancelled ** ***. Early steps but 2012 will be a different year to what I have known all my adult life.Thank you for this book.

6th  Dec 2011 – Canterburymale Gamcare

Deeds I’m so sorry about your wife. I’m certain that your book has helped so many people. It really inspired me in a way that G.A or other books didn’t. Of course G.A works for for so many people but not me. I keep going back to your book because the words felt like they had been written by an angel just for me. It is powerful stuff. I thought that the depression I was suffering from would subside but this hasn’t been the case. But when I’m down I get a huge boost from the fact that I’m 3 months without a bet. I feel so determined never to gamble again. I hope i can beat the blues too and maybe I could become a counsellor to help other people stop this madness.

7th Sep 2011 – Canterburymale Gamcare site

I’ve been on here before telling everyone how great Deeds-Overcoming Gambling is. I’m not related to him or taking a cut lol but I’ve read other useful books that I’ve just thrown to one side. This one i feel was written for me. I have been so down for the past month after trying and failing to quit gambling. To be honest I’ve been like this for years now. Deeds puts it into words that are so encouraging and i feel hopeful and even excited about a better future if i can be mature enough to make a change. Gambling is just that, immature and irresponsible. It has brought me to my knees many times. Last month i was contemplating how to kill myself. I’d just had enough. So is there room for something in my life that is destroying me? No.

10th Aug 2011 – By Stevie GRASP Forum

I started off on the New Statesman website and bought and recommended Phil’s book to the people over there.

Well done with the 5 years stopped. This is something that I am aiming for as well and beyond. I must say that since I started reading the book I have found it much easier this time around. I am building up an anger towards the industry that I never had before and I think that is a big reason why I never had the resolve to stop in the past. Anger is good if used constructively and this is what I am doing. Counting all the money I have lost over the years and thinking what good I could have done in my own life has really opened my eyes.

 08th Aug 2011 – By Stevie, at 15:03 New Statesman Newspaper

I am reading a chapter a day and it is making me see my gambling in a whole new light. The part that really spoke to me was the chapter that discussed the animal welfare aspects of the industry. I have always prided myself on being an animal lover and when you see the statistics on the number of deaths involving horses and dogs it really hit home to me. This is just something I can no longer be involved with. Maybe if you do a reprint of your book you could devote a chapter to these FOBTs because i think it is this side of the industry that has the potential to do the most damage to people’s lives.

08th Aug 2011 – By Rodger,  at 15:50 New Statesman Newspaper

Hi Phil, I have bought your book also, which I am reading at the moment and I am finding it helpful, as I stated, a couple of weeks ago, I put 2400 pounds in one machine and I haven’t been in a betting shop since.

08th Aug 2011 – By Paul,  at 16:53 New Statesman Newspaper

Hi Phil I bought the book too and have read it and it helped me a lot especially the chip of change thing and the ladder.  Also sitting in the chair looking at scenarios, and the animal welfare too made me think. I’m on the GA site everyday but I see what you mean about doing it without meetings. I lost a lot recently on the FOTB £4 k in a few weeks, it really scared me and I have vowed never to go back I hate the places.

4th Aug 2011 – By Andrew, via Gamblersaloud email

Philip thanks I got the book, I started to read it and I did not put it down until I had read it all, I thought I was reading about myself, its a brilliant read and I think its the answer to my problems, I am wiser for the book and stronger, I am a winner now I’ve put this dirty little habit behind me,………………….. Philip, I am just on my way to a charity shop to donate a small amount,thanks again for curing me.

By Anne, GRASP (Gambling Reform and Society Perception) Message Board – 6th July 2011

“I just have to say Phils book is the best book I have read about this evil addiction.

Its very easy to read and will walk you and your family on ways to overcome everything we go through while trying to quit and staying gamble free.”

Mr Fletcher, Amazon 5 star recommendation – 3rd July 2011

Mr Mawer makes no bones about the fact he has the required, in-depth, experience to write such a book! He has also done something that, if not unique, is highly unusual; he has come up with an original way of looking at a common problem and finding an apparently simple and effective way of releasing the addict from their addiction. His book is structured logically to help the gambler work though the problem step by step, it is clearly written and therefore easily understood which is no small consideration given the distractions that the readers will be subject to whilst working through it. The process certainly works as Mr Mawer makes plain. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone trying to gain release from their gambling affliction. Seize the moment and make a change now!

By Winningpost, Sat 02 Jul 2011, Posted at Gamcare Forum

An excellent read for anyone in doubt as to whether they are compulsive gamblers or not written by a down to earth author who like many of us on here suffered due to this illness.

By Mikey H – Gamcare Forum – 29th April 2011

I agree with that – for a fraction of how much would be spend in a single gambling session it is worth every penny.

Tough going in parts, and makes me wish even more that I had a significant other in life, as a single lad it made me feel a bit left out through chunks of it, but helps me in my hating of machines, but ultimately very positive and a good help on the road to recovery.

Read twice and I’m sure I’ll read again. My brain works well to success stories proving that something is doable. It makes a massive difference to read all this from someone who has been there, probably far worse than I, but made it back bigger and stronger.

So much more easy to buy into than reading text and help from generic ‘gurus’ that think they know best but ultimately can never know just what a monster gambling is, because they’ve never ventured more than a few quid on the lotto.

By Seano – www.grasp-group.org.uk/forum- 10th April 2011

Hi Phil,

I have now read your book, I  think it’s a really excellent effort on both yours and your wife’s part. I feel certain that the book will be of huge benefit to any Compulsive Gambler particularly at the very start of recovery,…..even in my case it has given me cause to review how I’m going to continue from here on in. I had stopped updating my recovery diary a fair while before our “bans”, having realised that in the long term they actually have a negative effect (well I was starting to feel that way myself). The best thing I can say having read the book is that I have now banished all fear of my addiction.


By Anne – www.grasp-group.org.uk/forum – 3rd April 2011

I just finished reading Phils book and I have to say what an excellent easy read.

It’s one of those books that you can actually relate to and it seemed like the author is actually a friend who is giving you an advice on a personal issue that you probably would not even talk about with your closest friends let alone a stranger.

The preface part explains questions on how, why and what the purpose is of creating this book.  I really admire Phil and his wife for having the courage to create a rock bottom that enabled him to see what this addiction cost him financially which resulted to his personal issues.  It also shows the power of having that partner/loved one/friend that will help you see this disease for what it is, and enable you to put proper barriers in place.

There are 13 chapters and each chapter has a defined purpose and a recap at the end to just re-enforce what Phil is saying.  Very clever and straight forward.

I won’t be going into details to what each chapter encompasses because it’s better for each person to read it for themselves since we all have different methods of recovery and different gambling experiences.  The first chapter though which deals with the phases of problem gambling is very enlightening. We’ve all gone through each phase, probably without us even being aware that we were there.

The chapter explaining that indeed this is an illness that should be treated like one is very important.  Hopefully if a CG’s loved one/friend is reading that chapter they can now fully understand that this disease is just like any other illness that we have no control over.  The Hay fever analogy is a very clever way of explaining that everyone is different and just because we have this illness it doesn’t mean we are weaker than our friend that don’t have this problem, it just means we have a different type of allergy and should avoid things that would cause an allergic reaction so to speak.

My favorite chapter probably is the chapter about humility and compassion.  I think from my own experience, I would say that helping other people and sharing advice and experiences about this addiction really helped me to stop for seven months now and still counting.  My hatred for the irresponsible practices of this industry also fuels me to be a part of a group whose main goal is to change just that.

Phil also mentions the importance of dealing with our urges and restoring our self dignity.  All of these things are important to ensure that we stay stopped and continue to lead a gambling free life.  He also discussed the cruel facts about these industry, especially animal cruelty, which is something that I wasn’t well versed on because I never really indulge on any sort of that type of betting.  Horrible to read all the facts to say the least.

I just wanted to thank Phil for sharing this book with me.  It’s very helpful and really anyone can relate to.  It really opened up my eyes that it wasn’t just me that was going through all these experiences, most CG’s do and we can beat this addiction!

By Jackie Tempor –  At Last – A book written that helped! 31, March 2011

I am not a gambler and never have been, in fact the only gamble I have really taken is spending and mostly wasting money on books to try and help someone close to me beat their addiction. Like most gambles this has been a waste of my hard earned money even though I had a peak of excitment as the book was delivered and I read through it and the pang of disappointment when I realised I had just ‘backed the donkey again’.

This book to be honest seemed no different, after all how many people actually write a book to help others and not just look for some fat royalty cheques, I went through the motions of opening it and flicking through – suppose the only thing that stopped me adding it to my e-bay selling list was that I am a sucker for as true story and so I made an effort to read the book a chapter at a time. Quite quickly I was hooked (excuse the pun) and felt as if I could actually see things through the eyes of the writers wife (for him I didn’t really care as he could give it up any time).

I certainly changed this view as I read HER story and what he put others through, it seemed a mirror of my own experiences and for the first time I suppose I thought of this as an illness and one that maybe could be cured. How many people get fed up and give a cigarette to the smoker or a beer to the alcoholic and I was guilty of giving money ‘ as long as it wasnt used for gambling ‘ when I knew where it was going all along.

Anyway – I made a promise of a day at the races if my partner read through the book with me and tried the system and on our third attempt it worked to the extent that that racing day just wasn’t wanted. Amazing progress is being made and the ‘chip of change’ has made such a difference to me and those others affected by gambling but who have never placed a bet. With support your ‘gambler’ can do it too.

It’s no gamble – go on buy the book and get the system working. It’s not easy but it is worth it.

By Kay – It really works –  10, March 2011

Ok to be honest I brought this book as a second thought, it was one of them, it will be like all the rest thoughts, but I gave it a go.

As soon as I started reading it I felt, this is a man that understands. He is not telling you what to do or making you feel small, he really knows what he is talking about.

I had been covering my addiction for years, telling half truths. But this gave me the courage I needed to come out with the truth not only to my family but to myself.

If you want to stop, really want to stop, dont gamble on other books bye this one today, you won’t be sorry.



I just want to post something about Phils book.

Up until about 2 weeks ago, I was struggling with anxiety that came on about 11pm. I don’t know why as I didn’t feel anxious about anything but since I’ve quit gambling my health has shown signs of strain due to the situation I’m in.

Anyway I mentioned last night to my wife last, that like all things in our recovery, I got myself into this and I have to get myself out of it as no White horse is coming to save me.

Lately I’ve not been getting my evening anxious spells, this could be down to being re-bailed, my situation with my mum being found out or it could be my evening read of a few pages of Phils book.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I have skills/tools that I refer to if I’m in trouble. Kind of like the draw  you have that’s full of rubbish like celotape, tape measures, string for emergencies, I have a gambling draw of skills/tools that I can always go back and refer too.

I was just sitting here getting a bit anxious and I got Phils book out. My wife had made a comment on our relationship being a total lie and I remember he put something about that and I needed to read it again so I could then speak to my wife.

I had a situation, I went to my draw, and the situation was sorted and I’m not anxious anymore. I know I have to deal with this anxiety because it’s my mind running away with me, but what I’ve been trying to say is that if like me you’re building up a tool box/man draw to refer too, to help beat this addiction then……

Get the hammer/tape measure and buy Phils book.

By Chris – Gamcare 22nd Jan 2011

To all

Just finished reading Philip Mawer’s new book – ‘Ovecoming Gambling’.

For a true CG who REALLY wants to give-up for good, it’s all you need to know. End of!

Easy to read. Wriiten in such a way as to help both the CG and his/her loved one(s)/family.

Written by a recovered CG. Totally different in style and advice to any other self-help guide I have read previously or likely to read. You almost believe the book has been written especially for you, so accurate is the author’s analysis of what makes you gamble and what you must really do to stop for good.

In my first, lengthy post back at the end of last November I could not have been more pessimistic about my quitting prospects, given my 40 year gambling history. After reading this book, I am now CERTAIN I can lick this.

If this sounds like an advert – GOOD!!! We are bombarded all day and night long with adverts from the gambling industry. If you want to cut out all the bull, theory and hype about quitting and get authentic, practical and effective advice – get a copy, read it, re-read it and thank the stars it’s been written.

By Kathleen – Gamcare 16th January 2011

5 star rating

Reading about compulsive gambling is one of the hardest thing to bring yourself to do but what a breath of fresh air comes from the insight and hard hitting honesty that Philip Mawer and his wife share in this book.

I’ve never read anything that gave me a better understanding of what drives us to that “Twilight Zone” of the vicious gambling circus, nor have I read anything more encouraging. For the first time in years I can breath.

This has been a real book of enlightenment for me. Helping me to see what drives the compulsion and ways and how-to answers to come back to the person that my loved ones and I actually like.

This a book of encouragement for the CG and for the exhausted, disheartened, loved ones of the CG.


5.0 out of 5 stars – Excellent!! The most informative encouraging book I’ve found. – K. Sommerville – 11th Jan 2011 – Verified Purchase

Reading about compulsive gambling is one of the hardest thing to bring yourself to do but what a breath of fresh air comes from the insight and hard hitting honesty that Philip Mawer and his wife share in this book. I’ve never read anything that gave me a better understanding of what drives us to that “Twilight Zone” of the vicious gambling circus, nor have I read anything more encouraging. For the first time in years I can breath.

Gambler or the loved one of a compulsive gambler this is the book of how-to answers and hope!

By R Chandrarathne – “Invaluable insights into problems of compulsive gamblers and how to overcome them” posted in Sunday Observer – December 12th 2010

“The book written in down-to-earth language presents a well-mapped out strategy to stop compulsive gambling”

“offers among other things, a comprehensive outlook of the problem gambling, from a seasoned gambler who paid a heavy price for this social evil”

“a must read for all those interested in issues relating to gambling and overcoming them”

By Gertrude Wilkins – Sensible, Accessible help, 12 Dec 2010

At last, a sensible accessible book for gamblers and their families. groups are certainly not everyone’s way of dealing with their problems. this is even worth reading if you don’t really ‘need’ it.

By rosied – A must for all gamblers and their families, 11 Dec 2010

This book is a must-read for all gamblers and their families. Leave it around in waiting rooms and libraries! Most people don’t admit it’s a problem till too late. This book is not only an eloquent and heartfelt wake up call but also an excellent guide to a cure. I for one will leave it in my waiting room and distribute amongst my medical colleagues.

By Emma S. – Impressive read, 7 Dec 2010

I found this book compelling, inspirational, and true to life. The author describes thoughts and feeling that I have been through myself with addiction. I would recommend this book to all of those people who want to read a truly gripping book, which is a roller coaster of emotion, and keeps you interested until the very last page.

By Mrk – Food for thought whenever fancy gambling, 18 Nov 2010

The book tells the inferno of compulsory gambling the author went through with his wife for many years, and it makes a vivid reading. The reading, or its study I would say, helped me understand why I was gambling and transmitted to me the force to stop completely. It has helped me immensely learning, and meditating upon the techniques to stop gambling and to keep away from that dreadful addiction for good. I, and my wife with me, have found it very helpful to regain a serene and normal life by coming out of the gambling tunnel. As a former gambling addict, I can only recommend this truthful and inspirational book to anybody who wants to stop forever gambling and live a serene life again.

By Patsy – At last..a commonsense approach that works, 16th Nov 2010

Philip Mawer writes from the heart as he candidly describes the devastating effect of his gambling addiction on his family, his friends, his career and even on his own health. This is the book you need to read if you too are suffering as a result of a gambling addiction.

If you are the confused, hurt and angry friend or relative of an addict, trying to understand this dreadful condition, then this emotionally honest account by reformed gambler Philip Mawer will educate you. If you are the addict, desperate to stop your compulsive behaviour, then the author will guide you through the process that allows him now to live a life free of gambling and the pain and deception that invariably accompanies it.

With on-line gambling fuelling his addiction wherever he worked, Philip had to develop his own strategy to quit gambling, far from the usual support systems, such as Gamblers Anonymous. Using his unique Chip of Change, he also evolved coping mechanisms to stay away from his habit. These will work for you too.

Philip Mawer has been where you are and understands completely the demons that drive the compulsive gambler. With a refreshing lack of psychobabble, this book explains in simple terms just how he freed himself from the gambling industry. As the opportunity to gamble has mushroomed thanks to the internet, there will be many more addicted gamblers than before. This book is long overdue.

Posted on Gamcare (www.gamcare.org.uk:forum) 9th Nov 2010

“Just for the record i’m not writing this to ‘plug’ anything for anyone i just wanted to share if you like how i feel after reading this book………..

When i was trying to help my friend through his addiction, i spent hours and hours on end reading this and that , i have read some bad stuff , some really bad stuff and some not so bad……..

just trying to understand what the hell this addiction is all about , its a cunning devil isnt it …. you cant see it, it creeps up on you sometimes slowly , or sometimes with its full force, and its effects …… well you dont need me to tell you about those.

There are many of us on the site, (supporters ) i mean , and even though your happy that your loved one is finally doing SOMETHING ….. ANYTHING to try and get through this , you feel excluded , because whilst this has happened to you both , your not part of the exclusive “only a gambler understands a gambler ” club ?

This book makes you feel very much a part of the whole recovery process, not just a bystander willing your ‘other’ to get better . I think it should have been entitled overcoming gambling TOGETHER.
Thanks to you and your very significant other Deeds.

Kim x

Gamblers ALOUD ………. indeed

By N. Marangakis – the very best of many, 9 Nov 2010

If you are trying to support someone with a gambling addiction this IS the book for you, if you are someone that is trying to overcome your own gambling problems look no further.  After many years of trying to come to terms with , and understand gambling addiction with all of its twists and turns , this book as enabled me to feel included not only in the gamblers recovery but my own.  Hats of to the author and his beloved for sharing their journey with us.

By Peter Crossland – Mind blowing, 9 Nov 2010

My addiction has been a long and disturbing one, I’ve tried everything to stop this nightmare. This is the first time I have read a book, were I now feel that the person writing it knows exactly what I am going through; he knows what it’s like to be addicted to gambling; he is passionate about the subject, because he’s been there, but above all, he knows how to deal with it and to help others to deal with it. Thank you Mr. Mawer, it’s FANTASTIC.

By Valerie Rose – Brilliant! At last..a self help book that really works!, 8 Nov 2010

I can’t believe I was lucky enough to find this book!!! I had been living with my addiction for so long and had despaired about finding the help and support I really needed. This amazing book has shown me how to get my life and self respect back. I’m not saying it will be easy…but with Philip Mawer’s help I have started the journey and am confident that I will be a winner for the last and final time.

5.0 out 5 Stars – Overcoming problem gambling is a fantastic self help read – Debbie – Nov 3rd 2010

“Overcoming problem gambling” is a true self help book that gives you inspiration and courage to change your ways and try to help the troubled persons around you. Learning a little of the authors story helps you relate to your self and face facts. I would recommend this not only if you are or have had gambling problems but also if you have not experianced such as it gives you a drive to help people.



By Mr. M. James – A must read for people with gambling problems., 30 Oct 2010

I recommended this book to anyone trying to stop gambling AND turn their life around. Definitely worth reading as the author clearly understands the problem and outlines how to not just stop but more importantly how to stay away from gambling permanently. This is what I, and my long suffering wife have been looking for. She is also finding it very helpful. Well worth the price.

By RandC123 – Finally, 29 Oct 2010

At last a book that understands how I feel and gives me REAL hope that I can end this addiction FOREVER. The simple fact it has 2 seperate parts, Stopping and Staying Stopped, grabbed me immediately. I’ve stopped so many times but never lasted. Having read this book (3 times already) I really feel this is the time that I’ll finally stop. I hope it helps other people reading it as much as it has helped me.

By Markovitch – sensational system, 25 Oct 2010

Lovely to pick up a book that one can actually understand the topic its written about, with a approach that is refreshingly new. This book has helped me so much and is obviously written by someone who has been there and managed to turn the corner and amazingly write down the experience in a fashion that is understandable and not condeming. I also like the fact that it is split into 2 parts and so far the techniques for helping me not return to gambling are really working. Highly recomend anyone that is a gambler or living with a gambler to read this book.