Gamblersaloud encapsulates what I’m about and what my approach to overcoming gambling addictions is about.

Aloud says “get it out there in the public domain and forget the anonymous approach”. cheap jerseys You were anonymous and secretive during your gambling addition so shake it up, break the mould, catastrophically interrupt your patterns and routines and get your gambling out in the open.

As I mention in my book “Overcoming Gambling”, try and think of any “movement” over the past 50 or 100 hundred years that achieved its aims and objectives by being secretive and anonymous. I personally can’t think of one. I can however think of Gay Rights, Anti Apartheid, Anti Fur Trade, Votes for Women and Aids Awareness campaigns (as well as many others) that all got their message over very successfully by NOT being anonymous. I’m not trying to start a Ban Gambling campaign worldwide, I’m just trying to start a Ban Gambling campaign in your own mind to help you get over your gambling addiction.

Allowed sticks a middle finger up to everyone else and says “hey we’ve all got baggage, issues and complexes, mine just happened to be gambling so get over it”. I got tired of whiter than white, holier than thou do gooders preaching to me about my gambling when they may have been eating too much or too little, drinking too much, smoking too much, being unfaithful to their partners, being neglectful or poor parents and so forth. Unless you are a hermit, those peoples’ negative actions will be having a negative reaction on those closest to them, so there is very little, if any difference, to their issues and your gambling issues. Very few of us in this world are perfect, so stand up, admit your gambling addiction and become a better person by overcoming it.

I fully appreciate that it is as easy for you to read this as it is for me to write it, and that actioning it, as in “coming out” about your gambling, is going to be really tough but read my book, listen to my CD or download my key passages and understand my “chip of San Francisco Giants change” and you’ll see how you can take the first of many steps to creating your new ending.

Just as when you walk into a casino (or log onto an online one), it isn’t just one of your senses that is assaulted it is multiple senses, so the Gamblersaloud approach reaches different senses. In a casino you’ll hear slots machines wailing, the clink of roulette balls and the howl of croupiers’ calls. With my system you’ll hear key passages that are linked to inspirational tracks that anchor those words. In a casino you’ll see flashing lights, no clocks, a disorientating layout and masses going on all at the same time. In my system you’ll see and read about multiple solutions, and it is for you to choose what works for you. In a casino you’ll finger gaming chips and in my system you’ll have an identical “Chip of Change” but it will represent everything positive about your new start.

Gamblersaloud is uniquely split into 2 separate parts; How to stop gambling and how to stay stopped. I very quickly learnt we could all stop gambling for a day a week or maybe a month but it was going to take something special to keep me stopped FOREVER.

Go on. Give Gamblersaloud a chance to change your life.
You are allowed that chance and with that chance you will be aloud.